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The still life image has been a popular image for me for most of my time as an artist from the trompe l'oeil paintings on furniture and walls to the boards and canvases I paint today.

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I was born in Birmingham, Alabama. At the age of seven, I knew I wanted to pursue a career as an artist after winning an award for my self portrait in crayon.

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Beautiful Work!

"Too Many Tomatillos (painting) elevates a garden item. Speirs' eye for depth and color make this my favorite work."

~ Becky Grantland

"I just love the vibrant colors in Ginny's paintings and the depth makes them feel real."

~Lynn Davis

"What first drew me to this particular piece (painting of persimmons) was the colors, a mixture of cool and warm, evocative of Fall. As the light in my home changes throughout the day, so does the painting. Small in size with a simple subject, the painting is nonetheless complex and full of depth."

~Lori Walker

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Art for every age.... Ginny can bring the art to you for both children's parties and adult events.

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Capture a special memory or photo with a custom painting.

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I have enjoyed teaching middle school students the past few years... ???


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