Many of my bird images evolve from the daily walks I take around Santa Barbara.. Hummingbirds have been a popular subject matter for me as I enjoy replicating their delicate bodies and fanciful colors. The quail has also caught my attention with its topknot and intricately patterned wings. My bird paintings are smaller in size and sometimes contain collage elements enmeshed in the paint. Many of the chickens I paint reside in our backyard in our children's former playhouse. I have created "portraits" of many of them. Most often I create them in a much larger size than life in order to portray their ever presence in our life. Their facial expressions are worthy of capturing. They are tough to photograph, and oftentimes take many tries to get one good image, but well worth the effort.

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Gallery Los Olivos
2920 Grand Ave 
Los Olivos, CA 
Hours: Thursday - Monday 10am-5pm

"Because We Paint" 
Ginny and Garrett Speirs
Gallery Los Olivos Featured Artist Show
March 1st - 31st, 2023
Reception: Sunday, March 5th; 1-4pm

Lovebird Boutique
7 East De La Guerra St
Santa Barbara, CA 

Ginny Speirs

Meet the Artist

After extended travels in Italy and France, the love of the region's local produce and flora has become a central theme in my work. I strive to portray a "portrait" of each of my subjects. Painting the beauty of the somewhat mundane object is an inspiring challenge for me. Everything that I paint once had a life and continues to in my oil paintings.

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